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Artist Statement
Born: 1937, Williamsburg, Virginia

1964-70: Brooklyn Museum School with Sculptor Minoria  Nizuma
1960-62: The Art Student League with Arnold Prince;
1961: City College of New York, summer, Educational Psychology and other Ed. Courses;
1959: Graduated from Syracuse University, Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Significant Critics’ statements:

John Canady of the New York Times in April 1971, described Betty Blayton’s work as… “expert, delicately colored

“I immediately responded to Betty Blayton’s non-ethnic paintings. Ms. Blayton is represented by four small round
abstractions. Her work has a haunting oriental quality. Is she Japanese’s, Eskimo or black? Betty Blayton is simply a good
artist who happens to be black.” – Charles Wright, “Paint Art Racist” The Village Voice, April 15,1971

"Blayton's artwork is coded in the metaphysical. The sphere included in many of her works refers to wholeness, the
relationship between man and nature in the most ultimate sense. Thus her works serve as a gateway to higher spiritual
levels" Crystal A. Britton, African-American Art: The Long Struggle (New York Todtri Book Publishers, 1996)

Major Collections:

Blayton has established a distinguished career as an exhibiting artist nationally and internationally. Her works are represented
in such collections as: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Prints. The Studio Museum in Harlem, The Robert Blackburn
Printmaking Workshop, Uniworld Advertising Corporation, Phillip Morris Corporation, Fisk University, Spellman College,
Virginia State College, Tugaloo College, Sidney Poitier , David Rockefeller, Blanchette Rockefeller, Ron &Janet Carter,
Reginald Lewis, Byron Lewis, Bettina Hunter and Evelyn Cunningham. (Partial listing)

Sample Exhibitions 1989-2009:

2009: Strivers Garden Gallery, NYC. one women show, July
2009: Essie Green Gallery, NYC. September, one women show
2009: Canvas Paper and Stone Gallery, NYC. November
2008: Essie Green Gallery – New York – group shows
2008: “Blue” New York State Museum – Albany NY –Group Show
2007: “Daughters of the House of Light” Two Women Show – Hammond House Museum, Atlanta, GA. 4/07
2006: Norfolk State University, Harrison B. Wilson Archives, Norfolk, VA. 2/06
2005: Smithfield Cultural Center, Smithfield, VA 10/05
2005: “Master Print Makers" Synchronicity Fine Arts Gallery, NYC 1/05
2004: "Creating Their Own Image – African-American Women Artists”, Parsons School of Design's Arnold and Sheila
   Galleries, NYC 11/04-01/05
2004: "Something to Look Forward To" Phillips Museum @Franklin & Marshall College,  Lancaster, PA.  (Exhibit is
   traveling as of June 2007)
2004: Smithsonian - The Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Traveling Show
2001 2003: UFA Gallery, NYC
2001: National Conference of Artist of New York's International Conference Exhibition at the
   National Museum, Accra Ghana, Africa
2001: National Conference of Artist of New York, Masters Exhibition, Schomburg Library,
   Gallery, NYC
2000: Cinque Gallery, NYC
1998: Cinque Gallery, NYC
1997: Cinque Gallery, NYC
1994: Pace College, NYC / One Woman Exhibit
1993: Syracuse University's Luben House Gallery, NYC
1990: Isabel Neal Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, One Woman Exhibit
1989: Bedford Stuyvesant Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC, One Woman Exhibit

Sample Publications and Media Representation:

2005: “Creating Their Own Image”, Lisa E. Farrington, Oxford Press
2004: “Something to Look Forward To” Exhibit Catalog, Franklin & Marshall College
2004: “Persistence of Vision: African American Abstract Art”, a documentary for public Television
1998: “Artist and Influence”, vol. XVII, Hatch-Billops Collection
1998: “Collecting African American Art”, Halima Taha
1996: “African American Art, The Long Struggle”, Crystal Britton
1981: “Forever Free”, University of Illinois Press
1980: “Go Tell It”, nationally syndicated television program
1979: “You Gotta Have Art”, National Broadcasting Company
1978: “Making Thoughts Become”, Betty Blayton-Taylor
1973: “The Children's Art Carnival”, 15-minute videotape (Free Europe, Germany TV, WLIB, WNYC, WWRL, among
1973: “Betty Blayton, Artist", Contact Magazine article
1973: “Kids are Her Medium”, Syracuse Alumna News
1972: “People Who Make”, Art Gallery Guide
1972, “Daily Close Up”, The New York Post
1972: “Atlanta University Book on Art”1970:
1972:“Like It Is”, Ruth Bowman on The Arts, WNYC Radio
1972: Five, Film – Romare Bearden, Betty Blayton, Barbara Chase, Richard Hunt
and Charles White


2005: Woman's Caucus for the Arts "Life Time Achievement Award"
1995: CBS “Martin Luther King, Jr. – Fulfilling The Dream Award”
1990: The National Arts Education Association's “Eugene Grisby Award for Excellent Contributions in Art Education”
1989: “The Governor's Art Award”, Presented by the State of New York
1988: “Black Women in the Arts Award”
1985: Who's Who in American Art
1984: “Empire State Woman of the Year in the Arts”
1982: “Apple Polisher Award”
1980: National Council of Negro Women of New York Achievement Award
1980: City of New Orleans “Honorary Citizen/ Teacher Training/ Arts in Education”

Professional Background and Affiliations/Partial listing:

1968 -1975: Founded The Children's Art Carnival in Harlem, NY in conjunction with Victor D'Amico and the Museum of
Modern Art.
1968-1997: Board Member/Executive Director, The Children's Art Carnival
1997-2004: Founder/Special Projects Coordinator, The Children's Art Carnival
1998-2004: Board Member/ Volunteer affairs and Liaison, The Children's Art Carnival
1978-1998: Member of the Board, The Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
1997: Advisor, The Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
1993-1998: Member of the Board, Harlem Textile Works
1992-1994: NYS Education's Arts & Humanities Curriculum Development Committee
1983-1993: Founding Board Member, Harlem Textile Works, Inc. (A Children's Art Carnival Project)
1983-1985: Member, David Rockefeller Art in Education Research Committee
1979-1988: Member, New York City Commission for Cultural Affairs
1978-1998: Member of the Board, The Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
1975-1996: Member of the Board, The Arts & Business Council, New York City
1968-1994: Consultant, Board of Education of the City of New York
1965-1977: Secretary of the Board, The Studio Museum of Harlem
1965: Founding Member, The Studio Museum in Harlem


In addition to playing major roles as a Founding Member of: The Children's Art Carnival in Harlem, The Studio Museum in
Harlem and Harlem Textile works; Betty Blayton has also been deeply involved in Metaphysical Studies, Theatre, Mythology,
Anthropology and Health.

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